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applying-for-vietnam-visa 2

The increasing number of people traveling to all parts of the world has led to nations wanting to know broadly who is visiting their lands. The visa system is a popular way in today’s world to identify visitors to create an acceptable level of control. In terms of Vietnam, the annual visitor numbers are increasing every year and now stand in excess of 10 million. The Government understands the importance of tourist revenue to the national economy and as a result regularly looks at its entry regulations so that it can retain a good level of control while not putting anything in place that makes entry to its beautiful country unreasonably difficult.

The best system for getting a cheap visa to Vietnam is the Vietnam Visa on arrival procedure that applies to people arriving in the country purely by air. That remains by far the most popular way for travelers to arrive to enjoy a Vietnam holiday.

Some nationalities are exempt from needing a Vietnam visa as long as their stay is for less than a defined period. That period ranges from 15 days in the case of citizens of Sweden and Norway as European examples to 30 days in the case of neighbors Laos, Thailand and Malaysia.

Those who need to apply for a Vietnam to visa can do so at an embassy or consulate but that can be time-consuming and inconvenient. It may take up to 10 days to obtain the visa, and during that time the passport is surrendered. By far the better way, with the proviso that it applies to arrivals by air, is to obtain a Vietnam visa on arrival by using a reliable local service that can apply to the Vietnam Immigration Department for a Vietnam Approval Letter. All that an applicant needs to do is complete an application form and pay the small fee then everything else is handled.

Such a service will take no more than 2 or 3 days with a copy of the Letter sent both to the client and the Immigration Department at the proposed airport of entry. On arrival, someone with that letter will have the Vietnam visa stamped in his or her passport by Immigration that already has prior knowledge of that visitor’s arrival.

In some cases, travelers need an urgent visa to Vietnam; that is a service that can be speeded up so that the Letter is processed in a single working day. Most tourists will be well prepared and not need an urgent Vietnam visa but it is nice to know that the system is in place.

With tourist numbers growing each year, there is pressure on the Vietnam Immigration Department so the logic of using a specialist visa company with existing contacts within the authorities makes absolute sense.

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